Matthew Kocel

Genre: World Music, Other...

Size: Single
Type: Recording Artist

For years Matthew Kocel has been a true visionary in the world music and sound healing movement, inspiring an international audience with his rare blend of Tibetan, Tuvan and North European overtone singing woven into expansive soundscapes that transcends cultural boundaries.

Listening to his music evokes a sense of belonging to the universal web of life and inspires a deep sense of inner peace. 

Audiences continually report experiencing tangible sensations, realizations and visions at his concerts.

Kocel’s album “The Vision” pushes the boundaries of acoustic music, taking you on a meditative journey into realms of exquisite stillness and connection.

Matthew travels extensively, performing in the US and Canada.  Based in Vancouver BC, he  performs in music halls, festivals, yoga studios, healing and retreat centres,  new thought churches and house concerts.

Matthew's throat singing and overtone chants accompanied by harmonium and doumbek

Overtone chants and throat singing accompanied by crystal singing bowls

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Last Updated: 2013-03-26

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