Marching Mind

Genre: Metal / Hardcore / Thrash, Rock Alternative, Experimental, Other..., Alternative

Size: 4 piece
Type: Original / Indie Band

Godfathers of Grog

Marching Mind is a completely new musical experience than you’re likely to have heard before. They combine elements from a vast range of influences such as metal, classical, progressive rock and even grunge music…yet seem to avoid sounding derivative of any one genre. In the early days, the band jokingly referred to themselves as “grog” or “grunge-prog” when asked to describe their sound. Somehow this label seemed to stick over the years and became the best way to describe this enigmatic band. Known for their energetic live show and complex yet melodic arrangements, Marching Mind has created a signature sound that is nearly impossible to emulate.

The band’s current lineup came together in Vancouver, BC in 2008 with members hailing from all across Canada. After releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2009 and subsequent 2010 cross-country tour, Marching Mind was signed by Fivebyfive Records and headed back to the studio in fall of 2011 to record their 70 minute follow up album “The Sickness and the Theory”. In summer of 2012 they headed out on a U.S. tour and are currently writing their third album.

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Last Updated: 2013-06-17

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