Aimie Laws

Genre: Rock / Pop, Folk / Accoustic, Rock Alternative

Size: Single
Type: Singer / Songwriter

"A shining star on BC's emerging artist horizon, the sky's the limit for this roots rock singer/songwriter whose potent vocals and easy spirit make her performance a pure delight" - The Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival

"Aimie Laws on stage is a vocal powerhouse unleashing her melodies to crowds all to happy to bask in her warmth and musical poetry." - Patrick Ryley/EZ Rock Morning Host/ Assistant Program Director/Astral Media Radio

I'll Be Waiting
I'll Be Waiting - Available on iTunes Song By: Aimie Laws - Single Released November 30th 2012 - info at

Only Human
Only Human - Song By: Aimie Laws & Lead Guitarist Cam Crouch - Album Released August 13th 2010 - info at

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Last Updated: 2015-02-09

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